This Video Of A 12-Foot Alligator Will Give You Nightmares!

This giant alligator looks like a dinosaur


It's hard to believe a reptile this big actually exists, but this photos of an alligator in Florida has everyone terrified.

A terrifying video has surfaced on the internet of an enormous alligator strolling past tourists, and it's got everyone freaking out.

The scaly creature would look better fit in a Jurassic Park movie so it's hard to believe it a reptile of this size ACTUALLY exists.

Measuring a whopping 12 feet long, the alligator spotted at Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland, Florida looked completely unfazed by locals snapping photos as he strolled from out of the woodland. 

A video of the nail-biting encounter was posted on the Polk Nature Discovery Centre Facebook page on Sunday by witness Kim Joiner. 

She wrote: "He was the biggest gators I have seen out there. I have been going out there for years too."

It's no surprise that he video has since been shared thousands of times with people taking to Twitter to share their amazement (and fear!)