These Are The Aggressive And Poisonous Spiders To Look Out For In Britain

6 July 2017, 14:19 | Updated: 6 July 2017, 14:41

These Are The Aggressive And Poisonous Spiders To

By Hollie Borland

So you thought Britain was safe from deadly spiders? Think again. Here's your ultimate survival guide to keeping safe from spiders this summer.

Okay, so we may be being a little dramatic, but did you know that Britain isn't exempt from being home to some nasty spider species?

Here's our guide to Britain's most horrible spiders. And remember, if you are bitten by one of these spiders and your condition deteriorates, see your doctor immediately.

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False Widow Spider 

Picture | iStock

Normally seen in the south of the country, this is Britain's deadliest spider. Even though it's feared that they're spreading all over Britain, this critter's bite will feel like a bee or wasp sting. 

Look out for their medium sized bodies, orange legs and cream markings on their brown bodies. 

If you are bitten by one of these spiders, don't panic. Nobody in the UK has ever died from a false widow spider bit. 

However, should your symptoms worsen, seek help from your doctor. 

Wasp Spider

Wasp spider
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These critters are named after wasps thanks to the yellow stripes across their black bodies - and the females can grow as large as a two pence coin. 

Although they do bite humans, there are no serious risks if you are bitten. 

Woodlouse Spider 

Woodlouse Spider
Picture | REX

These bad boys are found all over the UK and have long red fangs which are used to pierce the shells of their woodlice prey. 

It has a pinkish body and a legspan of around 4cm. 

It's bite can be painful and cause itchiness but it's not believed to be harmful.  

Tube Web Spider

Picture | REX

Found in the south of the UK, their bodies can reach up to 2.2cm long and are capable of biting people. 

Their nips will feel similar to a bee sting but there aren't any lasting effects. 

Mouse Spider

Picture | REX

These nocturnal critters reach to be around 1cm long and are most commonly seen in Autumn.

They get heir name from the mouse-like hairs growing over their brown/grey bodies.

Although they do bite, their nip isn't lethal. 

Cardinal Spider

Picture | REX

This is Britain's largest spider and can grow up to 14cm long. 

They can bite but it's considered to be harmless.