Mesmerising Supermoon Lights Up Night Sky Around UK

4 December 2017, 08:20 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 08:24

supermoon, cold moon

Calling all sky gazers…

Last night’s sky was truly picture perfect, as the supermoon made a mesmerising appearance.

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supermoon, cold moon

The stunning moment allows us to see the moon move closer to the earth as the satellite appears 7% larger and 15% brighter than normal. 

The difference between a full moon and a supermoon is pretty simple - it depends how close it gets to Earth within its elliptical orbit (also known as the 'perigee'). 

Any further than 226,000 miles away from our planet demotes it from 'super' status to 'full'.

Robert Massey, of the Royal Astronomical Society, explained that the supermoon would be brightest at midnight - as it would have been at it’s highest point above the horizon.

He added: "You won't necessarily think that it's huge. It will appear a bit bigger than usual, but don't expect it to look five times bigger."

Last night’s supermoon was sadly the last opportunity to see one in 2017, so we hope you caught it!