Selective Hearing is REAL And It Affects One Gender In Particular

Selective hearing relationships dating men and wom

No big surprises there then! We've been saying this for YEARS...

We'd love to say we're surprised but frankly this is something we could have proved with experience a long time ago! 

According to new research, selective hearing is a totally real thing and it's way more prevalent in one sex than the other. 

Can you guess which gender it is... MEN. Of course. 

Selective hearing is described as the ability to filter out unwanted conversation and noise, and it turns out men are really good at it. 

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In an online survey by Specsavers, three-quarters of men admitted to tuning out of conversations, with 75% of men saying that chats about celebrity gossip make them zone out the most. 

But that's not to say women are angels! It turns out that members of the fairer sex tune out chatter about finance and technology...

Hhmmm, we don't know about you, but we find these things pretty darn interesting!

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Okay, so technically selective hearing isn't linked to any physical problems, but that doesn't mean it's not REALLY annoying. 

And frankly sometimes we're just flat out ignoring someone because we've got better things to do! 

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What do you think? Is either you or your partner guilty of selective hearing?