Commuter Disruption Across The U.K As Mini Beast From The East Continues

19 March 2018, 07:25 | Updated: 19 March 2018, 07:28

Mini Beast From The East 2

After a seriously cold snap this weekend, the remains of snow and ice are likely to affect many journeys this morning.


A yellow severe weather warning is remaining in place today as the Mini Beast From The East continues to ruin the start of spring for the U.K.

A seriously cold snap over the weekend has resulted in heavy snowfall in some parts of England, and with the temperature refusing to get back over freezing, experts have warned that the Monday morning commute could be a treacherous one.

In the south-west of the country, an amber warning is still in place until this morning.

Credit: PA Images 

Along with the snow and ice, high winds are wrecking havoc and the Met Office are warning people not to travel unless necessary.

The Met Office tweeted: "Monday morning's rush hour could be an icy one for many places, with lying snow possibly adding to the problems. If you have to travel, allow plenty of time, take it steady and stay #weatheraware." 

Public transport options such as flights and trains are expected to face delays, with Exeter and Bristol airports grounding many of their departures over the weekend. It is being advised to check before you travel.

Most of the weather warnings will start to lift towards the end of the day with the expectation of warmer temperatures starting to creep in later on this week.

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