Pink Sky At Night: Tonight's The Night For A Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Moon over Whitley Bay

So it may not feel like it, but we've just had the longest day of the year and even the blasted rain clouds cleared up for us!

The Summer Solstice ties in rather nicely with a very special astrological event this year.

For the first time since 1967, the longest day of the year is co-inciding with a 'strawberry moon'. 

Interestingly this doesn't actually mean that the moon will necessarily glow pink in the light of the sun (although we're really hoping it does). 

It refers instead to the beginning of the strawberry picking season combined with the fact that it's a full moon.

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The full moon hit peak fulness at precisely 6.02am, whilst the moment of the Solstice was at 5.34pm. 

In the meantime, why not take a look at some of these glorious rose-tinted moon's that people have been spotting around the country:

Strawberry Moon over Whitley Bay

Some people of course, inevitably couldn't resist taking the micky: