This Week Could Be A Wimbledon Wash Out As Torrential Rain Heads For The UK

10 July 2017, 10:05 | Updated: 10 July 2017, 11:18

Wimbledon Rain

The Met Office have issued a yellow warning for the possible severe weather heading our way this week.

We've been treated to some beautiful weather in recent weeks, and despite having the grumps that it's too hot and sticky to sleep we can't complain about the glorious sunshine we've been enjoying.

But that sticky weather that gets the better of us during the night is about to break which will come as a relief for some but sadly, this means rain...and a lot of it.

The Met office have issued a Yellow warning for parts of the South East which will be expecting big downpours today and across the week spelling trouble for the second week of Wimbledon tennis championships.

According to local news website, Kent Live, the south eastern county could be on the receiving end of two weeks worth of rain in the space of an hour.

They reported that Kent on average experiences about 5cm rain in July but are looking at being showered with 3cm tomorrow afternoon.

It's not just southern parts of the country which could experience a deluge but the north too with many parts of Scotland's temperature dropping into the low teens.

Despite the rain putting tennis matches at Wimbledon at risk this week, the pro's might be relieved by the lower temperatures and fresher feeling air that will come with the downpours.

But if you're heading to watch the tennis this week or for some strawberries on Murray Mount - take a brolly to be safe!