James Blunt Has A BIG Warning For 2017!

James Blunt 2017 Twitter Warning

The 'You're Beautiful' singer sent a word of warning out to Twitter fans about next year after what has been a dreadful 2016!

James Blunt has had some stick recently over rumours that he's making new music, but you can't deny that his sense of humour is on top form after he posted this hilarious 'warning' for 2017...

Oh James! You're such a good sport.

And many of his fans (and some non fans!) agreed, giving him praise for his tongue in cheek approach to a new year and a new album!


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But this is by no means the first legendary Tweet the singer has posted, just check out some of these gems and you might fall in love with him enough that you head out and buy his album next year.

Now lets all immediately go and follow James Blunt on Twitter and see what magical moments he'll bring to our feeds in 2017!