Spice Girls Call Director A "Chauvinistic Pig" In This Unseen Footage!

Spice Girls Label Director Chauvinistic Pig

This behind the scenes footage will make you scream GIRL POWER!

We all know that the Spice Girls kick butt, after all they invented girl power!

But this previously unseen footage that has emerged on Twitter will make you want to stand up and applaud them.

In the clip, taken during the filming of an ad for camera company Polaroid, we see an angry looking Mel B storm over to the director before Geri and Victoria join her.

They're riled up because the director has asked the girls to have their "cleavage showing and midriff showing" during filming.


Mel B pulls him up on this and the director, complete with sunglasses on says carelessly "it's every man's fantasy".

This understandably gets the girls even more angry and there are a few profanities from the star that have had to be bleeped out...LOL!

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Geri then charges in labelling the unfazed director a "chauvinistic pig" and Victoria HILARIOUSLY shouts "it's not sunny stop trying to look cool" before pulling off his sunglasses.

Seriously...YOU GO GIRLS!

That will teach him! Long live the Spice Girls...