Luke Littler: Premier League Finals win 'best night of my life' after proving doubters wrong

23 May 2024, 21:34 | Updated: 24 May 2024, 12:57

Luke Littler believes his Premier League victory is the 'best night of his life' after he sent a message to his doubters with the win.

Littler prevailed over Humphries in an emphatic 11-7 victory, hitting a nine-darter in the 11th leg on his way to adding his name to the history books.

He becomes only the second player to find a perfect leg in the final after Phil Taylor and is now the youngest ever winner of a PDC major.

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As a visibly emotional Littler collected his trophy, he sent out a message to those who believed he should not have been given a place in the Premier League.

"One thing I want to say - for all the doubters, hello! I have just picked up this, you are not doubting me anymore," he told Sky Sports.

He later added: "It was just one of those weird feelings of people saying I wasn't good enough. I had just got to the World Championship final and got picked as I did and I accepted the invite and went onto win it."

Littler believes his performance at London's O2 Arena has to go down as the best night of his life as the 17-year-old continues to excel just over 150 days into his professional darting career.

"It is 100 per cent (the best night of my life)," he said.

"I couldn't believe it. I went over to Luke and he said 'go and celebrate with your family like you said to me' and I did.

"I just burst out crying and hugged them.

"Whenever I win something and go over to them, all the emotions come out because my mum and dad, they put their own money into me, got me the sponsors I have today, and I can't thank you enough."

'I needed the toilet': Littler gives his perspective on nine-darter

Not many people can hold their nerve to pull out a nine-darter on the biggest stage and Littler admitted the route he took for his perfect leg was a difficult one, but it was made easier in the fact that he had already had the break to reset.

"It is weird with me because if the T20 goes, I am thinking 'does this go in' with the T19. Because you have seen the 144 on the Euro Tour and that is a lot easier because you are staying on the 20s but I think that is one of the hardest things, dropping down for the treble then going up for the D12 but I did it," Littler added.

"I just thought to myself 'don't do anything stupid, don't let all your energy out' so I gave myself a little 'come on' and I still had five legs to win.

"It was two legs in I needed the toilet so I was just like go into the break, get a lead.

"Tonight is probably the most I have practised and it has paid off so maybe I need to practice at home.

"I have just got to keep going, keep enjoying it."

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