Smile Or Grimace: What Does THIS Emoji Really Mean?!

barred grin emoji asset

Get this one wrong and you you could find yourself in a VERY awkward situation!

They're fun, colourful and kinda silly but we absolutely LOVE them. 

Emoji's are meant to make our lives easier, but let's face it, they can be seriously confusing and if you accidentally send the wrong one, you could find yourself in heaps of unnecessary trouble. 

Take this particular case in point: The bared-teeth smiley face. 

Is it angry or happy? Well the answer is... no-one can make their mind up! 

Barred Grin Emoji

Research into this face by the University of Minnesota found that when they asked a sample of people controversy raged. 

Some of the participants saw the face as implying the sender was adding a big grin...but others said the face was definitely a grimace.

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So if what you're sending can be interpreted differently, then surely this leaves you open to making some potentially VERY awkward mistakes. 

Barred Grin Emoji

To make things even more complicated, when received, certain phones converted the emoji into a new interpretation.

Android users received this face, which we can all agree is DEFINITELY a happy smiley. 

Barred Grin Emoji

So next time you're trying to sympathise with a mate who's just had a horrific run in with your boss... think carefully about what sign you use!