Five portable fans to keep you cool when the Mercury rises

26 June 2018, 10:48 | Updated: 26 June 2018, 12:35

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We've been hit by a heatwave, but don't panic, these cute and practical fans will keep you cool on the go!

We're not ones to moan, but let's face it, things can get a little hot and stuffy when the temperature FINALLY gets above 25 degrees in this country. 

Life doesn't stop just because summer's finally decided to rear it's head, but there ARE some simple ways you can stay on top of things and not let the heat get to you.


1. Go Travel Micro Fan: £11, Amazon

Just because it's hot, there's no need for you to stop looking cool! 

If someone caught sight of this super slick mini fan out of the corner of their eye, they might just be fooled into thinking it's a trendy hip flask... although on second thoughts, maybe that's not the best plan of action! 

Go Travel Micro Fan, Amazon

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2. Sunnylife Ice Cream Beach Fan, £7.80, Asos

Keep hot flushes at bay with this quirky fan. Plus nothing is more refreshing than walking around holding an ice-cream, right? 

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3. Hand Held Fan, £6, Marks and Spencer

Will good old Marks and Sparks ever fail us? We hope not! And if they do, it certainly won't be this summer, all thanks to their cute portable fan. 

It comes in three funky colours, including this lovely orange that we're just coveting. 


4. LingsFire Portable 3 Speeds Mini Fan, £13.58, Amazon


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5. RED5 Own Message Desk Fan, £24.99, John Lewis 

Powered by USB, you can programme the fan with your own message. Yes, that could even include 'I need an ice-cream'... but there are no guarantees your colleagues will pop to the shop for you. 

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