Stuff You're Doing That WILL Drain Your Phone Battery


We’ve all been there, it’s only midday and your battery is already on 20%. ‘How could this happen?!’

You want answers, you want savvy insider tips and above all you want to know how to preserve the precious last percent.

Never fear, we can help you debunk the battery myths, take you through some easy fixes and prevent you going phoneless into the night… 

Here's where you've been going wrong all this time.

Getting addicted to Candy Crush


Obsessive candy crush swiping can eat up the time on your commute but did you know it will also massively munch your battery? When your phone is running the app it will drain the battery 3.2 times faster than usual. Other big culprits in the mobile gaming world are Fruit Ninja and beloved Hay Day. It’s time to sort out priorities: your virtual herd or keeping your battery out of the red.

Bad vibrations


Vibrations consume more battery than ringtones so why not stick to a bit of Taylor Swift to get your attention instead of a buzz. If you are keen on the vibrations, turning the strength down will make them less troublesome.  

Getting appy

While you might need to check up on your favourite celebs’ Instagrams every hour, maybe you don’t need to keep the app open 24/7. There is debate around this solution but many believe closing apps you aren’t using will help preserve your battery. It’s time for an app spring clean!

If you can’t face this, use the ‘Background App Refresh’ feature in your settings. This miraculous tool increases the energy efficiency of your phone.


Lost your bearings?  

Do you get lost walking to the shops? Has Google Maps saved your bacon on many occasions? This might explain your constant lack of battery. Opening apps that use your phone’s GPS system is a surefire way to drain your battery. Maybe it’s time to  invest in an A-Z…and a compass.


Not your time to shine

Having your phone’s brightness on 100% will gobble up your battery. Unless you live in a cave, try dimming this in your settings to save your battery…and also your eyes.


Notification nightmares

Modern life can be overwhelming, especially when you are bombarded from all angles by apps on your smart phone. If constant bleeps from Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are driving you crazy why not turn off the notifications. Not only will this help you regain some control over the technological age but it will also preserve your battery life. Win win.


Keeping your cool

We aren’t so dissimilar, phones and humans. We both need to recharge at night and we both function best when we aren’t overheating. Phone battery lasts longer when in a cool environment which sadly means bad things for your sunbathing snapchats. In other words, direct sunlight and long battery life aren’t friends.


What are your phone battery nightmares?