You Could Be Hacked If You Use One Of These Passwords


Researchers have revealed the most common passwords after analysing the recent Yahoo data leak.

Remembering your passwords can be a nightmare because let's face it, we need so many these days. 

Despite constant warnings, most of us are guilty of using the same passwords for multiple logins, or pass codes that are too similar or way too easy for someone to guess.   

According to a new analysis of the passwords leaked in the recent Yahoo data break, these are the most popular passwords, meaning that if you use one of these, you might want to change it asap. 

Top 10 Most Common Passwords On Yahoo

1. 123456

2. password

3. welcome

4. ninja

5. abc123

6. 123456789

7. 123456789

8. sunshine

9. princess

10. qwerty

Researchers from Lancaster University and Peking and Fujian Normal Universities in China said that choosing such simple passwords makes it easy for hackers to break into our accounts. 

"Why do [some] use such obvious passwords? A main reason I think is that they’re either unaware of or don’t understand the risks of online security," Lancaster University's Dr Jeff Yan, who co-authored the report, told Mail Online.

"Just like everybody knows what one should do when red lights are on in the road, eventually everybody will know 123456 or the like is not a good password choice."

The researchers also advise people not to base their passwords on personal information such as names, ages and birthdays because they are easy to guess by hackers.  

Follow our advice on how to choose a safe password that will be harder for hackers to crack.

You Could Be Hacked If You Use One Of These Passwo