The Internet Shared Apps They Wish Existed And They're BRILLIANT

Apps floating out of a phone

If you could create ANY App, what would you make?

Let's not beat about the bush here, there are Apps for almost almost any life situation we can think of. 

Thankfully the good people of Twitter have FAR more expansive imaginations than we do!

From phone's that double up as Espresso machines, to a dating site based on the similar Netflix shows you both like to...these guys have thought of EVERYTHING!

1. There this one, that anyone who's phone has ever died at the worst moment will understand:


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3. Lord only knows we could do with this one after one too many at work drinks on a Friday night!

4. Let's be honest, we all know someone who could do with this one!

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5. Harsh, but let's admit it, sometimes it's true:

6. Come on, how many times a day do wish we could we could call our dog and get them to send us a selfie at work? No? Just us?

7. And perhaps the ultimate App of all (N.B. We'd be equally happy to take David Attenborough)

What App would you design if you could?