What are the tier two lockdown rules?

16 October 2020, 12:44

The tier two rules explained
The tier two rules explained. Picture: PA

London, Essex and some other coronavirus hotspots will enter into tier two lockdown rules this weekend - here's what that means.

Earlier this week, Boris Johnson announced that England would be adopting a traffic-light style tiered system of lockdown rules.

The new model of 'Local Covid Alert Levels' intends to simplify the lockdown rules in the country, and will see different areas placed into different categories depending on the infection rate.

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The new levels are medium (tier one), high (tier two), and very high (tier three).

On Thursday, it was announced that London, Essex, Embridge, Barrow-in-Furness, York, north-east Derbyshire, Erewash and Chesterfield will all be moved into tier two.

Here's what that means.

London will move into tier 2 at midnight on Friday 16 October
London will move into tier 2 at midnight on Friday 16 October. Picture: PA

What are the tier two lockdown rules?

Under the 'high' risk tier two, the following rules are in place:

The public will not be able to mix with anyone outside their household or support bubble in an indoor setting - including pubs and private homes.

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The 'rule of six' will continue to operate in outdoor settings.

Businesses - such as pubs, shops and restaurants - will be allowed to remain open in a Covid-secure manner, but the 10pm curfew will still be in place. Food deliveries will be able to operate after that time.

Schools, universities and places of worship can remain open.

Pubs and restaurants can remain open in tier two
Pubs and restaurants can remain open in tier two. Picture: PA

Exercise classes and sports can still take place outdoors, but they will only be permitted in an indoor setting if people can avoid mixing with those outside their household.

The public should aim to reduce the number of journeys they make where possible, and should aim to walk or cycle where possible.

When is London being moved into tier two?

London will adopt the tier two set of rules at midnight on Friday 16 October, meaning the new measures will be in force from Saturday 17th.


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