Pets Get Revenge...


Are these greatest animal on human pranks ever?






10. This cat who knew exactly that it was doing.

9. This little dog who doesn't let his size dictate his strength.

8. This dog who went in for the take down, not once, but twice! 

7. This dolphin who had some help surprising this little boy:

6. This puppy who won't let anybody else sleep in it's bed.

Dog taking it's bed back from a baby -

5. This dog who doesn't care that his owner wants the ball...

Dog takes toy from a little baby.

4. This dog who just doesn't dig Halloween, okay!

3. This cat who reeeeally wants some attention!

Cat tips recliner over while man is sitting in it -

2. This stingray who just wants to say "Hello!"

1. This elephant who's really into the latest gadgets!

Elephant steals woman's phone - Animals Being Dicks