Is it a boatmower or a lawn-boat?

What do you get if you cross a sit-on lawnmower and an old boat?

You get the new vehicle made by retired insurance broker John Hinton.

The 76 year old who lives in Bosham, West Sussex has spent around £1,000 and two years creating the road vehicle which he uses to travel from his house to the harbour made from a large sit-on lawnmower and an old boat.

"I would classify myself as a nutter," 76-year-old John Hinton admitted.

The amateur inventor was concerned that with a top-speed of just 6 miles per hour – it would have to be licenced.

"I was quite concerned about the local authorities so I actually walked into Chichester police station and explained the position," Mr Hinton said.

His request was passed on to the DVLA (Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency) who decided to treat it as an invalid carriage, providing it did not go more than eight miles per hour on the road.