WATCH: Cocky Driver Crashes £600,000 Porsche Before He's Even Left The Car Park

porsche driver crash in car crash

If you're a car fan you might find this hard to watch! A cocky driver couldn't even make it out of the car park in his expensive supercar!

A video from 2015 has re-emerged on social media of a flashy Porsche driver getting too big for his boots.

The video shows a man and a woman in a Porsche 918 Spyder outside a hotel Nikki Beach San Tropez.

You can see the guy try to impress the girl by waving off his friends, before shooting right into a hedge on the other side of the car park!

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The whole thing was captured by blogger @kristina_lifetime who shared the crazy moment with her Instagram fans.

The video has now been seen by thousands after it went viral and judging by the hundreds of 'tears of joy' emoji's people really enjoyed seeing this smug drivers ego dented.


Thankfully nobody was injured, but that's got to cause some damage to the owners wallet as this model of Porsche will set you back £600,000 - OUCH!