Could this 12-year-old be the next Usain Bolt?

Young Australian Sprinter, James Gallaugher, wowed spectators when he beat his rivals in the the 100m in 11.72 seconds flat, at their New South Wales primary school in Australia

This incredible time would have been fast enough to win gold at the first ever Olympic Games in Athens, back in 1896.

What's more, Gallaugher's time is faster than any recorded for his age group in either Australia or the United States of America.

James still has a way to go before he catches up with the current world record holder however.

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt won gold at the 2012 Olympics with a phenomenal time of 9.63 seconds.

Nevertheless, it's surely not long before the young talent is snapped up.

Coach Scott Richardson has great expectations for the runner. "James is a standout" he told New Ltd.

"He is going to be the greatest sprinter we have ever had if he keeps improving at the rate which he is".

Watch this space...