The Great Escape! Dog Uses Trampoline To Leave The Garden!

Dog On Trampoline Video

One little canine couldn't bear to be left alone whilst his owner went to work.

Whilst most pooches will cry until their owners come home, this dog decided to take matters into his own hands by using a trampoline to help him jump over the garden fence.

In what looks like a scene from 'The Great Escape', the labrador-collie cross is seen jumping on the trampoline until he was able to get out and follow owner Thomas McCormack.

Thomas only became aware that his pet, named Buddy, had escaped when the canine sat on the seat next to him on the train after following him to the train station in Croy, North Larnarkshire. 

Thomas said: "He’s bouncing on the trampoline with the kids all the time – that’s where he must have learnt it. He’s a clever dog. I’d never seen him do it but sure enough I’ve now seen it for myself. He’s some dog."