Man Who Surprises His Wife With A Flash Mob Choir Will Make You Cry Tears Of Love

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When it comes to celebrating 10 years of being married this might just top the list as the most moving tributes yet. 

When it came to planning the day, husband Carl Gilbertson skipped the chocolates and flowers and instead roped in the choir at Liverpool Media Academy to help him out. 

His wife, Laura, was brought to tears by the choir's touching rendition of Bruno Mars' Just They Way You Are.

Laura has multiple sclerosis (MS), which is an incurable muscle wasting disease, but she didn't let it stop her from enjoying the beautiful moment.

The scene was played out in Liverpool city centre and drew in quite a crowd, just before the choir unravelled a banner that read 'Happy Anniversary Laura.'

The event was filmed was and made into this incredible video.

The opening titles to the video reads: 'To celebrate his tenth anniversary Carl Gilbertson enlisted the help of students representing Liverpool Media Academy...

'The flashmob acted as a declaration of love from Carl to his wife, Laura, who sufferes from multiple sclerosis...'

In case you've forgotten what the orginal song sounds like when Bruno Mars sings it, here it is. But we know which version we prefer...

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