WATCH! This Amazing 90s Disney Mash Up Will Get You Dancing

Disney Characters Sing "All Star" by Smash Mouth


Our favourite Disney characters have been transformed into karaoke stars thanks to a little bit of YouTube magic...

Ever wondered what it would be like to hear your favourite Disney characters sing a 90s pop classic?

Well, stop pondering because we've found exactly that thanks to YouTube editing superstar James Covenant.  

Thanks to his skills, a whole host of Disney stars have come together to perform a very special version of 'All Star' by Smash Mouth. 

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Can you imagine the time it must take to find all those individual words and piece them together...

Rather him than us. 

We're glad we get to enjoy the results though. 

Ready for a bit more of a boogie? Listen to the original track by Smash Mouth and get your groove on...

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What do you think of this mash-up? Awesome, right?