These People's Reaction To Being Told They Are Beautiful Is INCREDIBLE

People react to being called beautiful


How would you react if a stranger called you beautiful?

How often is it that someone has genuinely, spontaneously called you beautiful? And out of those times, how many of them do you believe?

Shea Glover, an 18 year old high school student from Chicago, Illinois, conducted a social experiment at her school for an art project. 

Armed with her camera, Shea stopped random people and asked them to stand in front of the camera so she could take a picture of them. While they stared into the lens, she told them: "I'm taking pictures of things I find beautiful." 

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People being told they're beautiful 1

Shea Glover made the film for a school project. Picture | YouTube/Shea Glover

Their reactions will pull at your heart strings as the film shows just how precious and vulnerable we really are. This beautiful film shows just how much of an impact being complimented can have on someone - how a compliment can completely disarm a person. 

"You're being goofy", "I'm flattered" and "I don't believe you" are just some of the responses. 

People being told they're beautiful 1

What would you do if a stranger complimented you? | YouTube/Shea Glover

Remember to remind those around you that they are beautiful. It might just make their day.