‘I Need A Poo!’ Watch Toddler Awkwardly Interrupt Mum And Dad’s Wedding

"I need to poo" - One thing you don't want to hear during your wedding ceremony.


When you've got to go, you've got to go...

When you've got to go, you've got to go. However, there's a time and a place, son, and whilst mum and dad are at the alter, that ain't it...

Hannah and Ben Lienert from South Australia were standing hand-in-hand at the alter of their wedding, about to say their vows in front of their guests, they were abruptly interrupted by their three-year-old son, Hudson, who declared: "I need a poo!"

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Watch Parent's Wedding Interrupted At The Alter By
Picture | Storyful/hannahgrace

After Hudson's cringeworthy declaration, the bride and groom were seen throwing back their heads in laughter as Hannah asked between tears of laughter: "What just happened?"

Coming to the boy's rescue was his aunt, who took Hudson's hand and whisked him away to the toilet for a not so sneaky number two. 

"That is the definition of being upstaged I reckon," the celebrant said and enjoyed the funny side before attempting to rekindle the romantic moment.

Watch Parent's Wedding Interrupted At The Alter By
Picture | Storyful/hannahgrace

"I've got some serious words now, we'll all try and concentrate."

Posting the clip to Youtube, Ms Lienert wrote: "Children and weddings don't always mix, but they sure know how to make them memorable."

They sure do, mum! They sure do...