You'll Never Guess How Much A Chewbacca Mask Could Now Set You Back

Candice Facebook Live

After millions of people watched a video of her laughing hysterically while wearing a Chewbacca mask, Candace Payne has unwittingly started a revolution.

She's one heck of a sales woman, that's for sure! 

Since the footage of the mother-of-two giggling her head off hit the world wide web, we can now confirm reports that most stores across the United States have SOLD OUT of the masks. 

What's more, sellers on eBay are capitalising on the drought by selling masks at vastly inflated prices... and we're not talking about pocket money here! One seller was caught auctioning off a mask for a whopping £120! 

COME ON! They're funny, but they're not THAT funny!

Original story:

More than 150 million people have watched this Facebook Live video of Candace Payne, laughing hysterically while wearing a Chewbacca mask!

On Thursday, after a trip to the shops, Candace Payne decided to do a Facebook Live video to her friends. Little did she know she'd be a viral hit by the end of the week!

Candace, a 37 year old from Texas, could barely contain her excitement after purchasing a Chewbacca mask from department store 'Kohl's' as a birthday present to herself.

Candice Payne 1

In the video she explains, "I'd like to say that I bought this for my son but at the end of the day it's mine and I'm gonna keep it for my own"!

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When she eventually puts on the Chewbacca mask, she begins laughing hysterically and you can't help but join in!

FB Live

Her video has now had over 80 million views in just a few days. 

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We dare you to watch it without laughing...