UK weather forecast: Cold snap will see temperatures plummet to 1C and widespread frost

3 November 2020, 10:33

It's about to get very cold... (stock images)
It's about to get very cold... (stock images). Picture: Getty

UK weather: temperatures are about to get very cold in the country as a cold snap brings frost.

After wet and windy end to October, it looks like the wintery weather is about to finally settle in.

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And 'icy tinge' will bring temperatures as low as 1C in some parts of the country, with more wind, frost and showers predicted by forecasters.

According to the Mirror, the Environment Agency has issued 25 flood warnings and 47 alerts as days of rain will see river levels continue to rise.

Frost is expected in some parts of the UK (stock image)
Frost is expected in some parts of the UK (stock image). Picture: Getty

Met Office forecaster Aidan McGivern said that this morning (Tuesday 3 November) will be significantly colder "compared to Monday’s remarkably mild temperatures across southern parts of the UK".

He added: "But it will be cold grey and wet for the Midlands, central southern England and then later in the morning East Anglia in the southeast."

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Some parts of Scotland could even be cold enough for snow, according to the report.

Temperatures could hit as low as 1C on Wednesday, with some forecasters predicting it could go even lower.

BBC meteorologist Nick Miller said that - in contrast to the stormy conditions over the weekend - today and Wednesday will be "exchanging flooding for fog and frost".

He added that there may be highs of 11C this afternoon, amid "sunshine and a few showers".

Despite the sunshine, he added, temperatures are a bit below average for this time of year.


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