UK weather: Widespread snow set to hit Britain next week ahead of March frost

1 March 2022, 07:09 | Updated: 2 March 2022, 14:42

More snow could hit the UK next week
More snow could hit the UK next week. Picture: Alamy
Heart reporter

By Heart reporter

Forecasters have predicted flurries of snow could be heading to the UK next week.

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We may have been treated to a taste of Spring over the weekend, but it looks like the cold weather is making a return.

According to new weather maps from forecaster WX Charts, a snow plume is drifting across the Atlantic and could reach the UK in a matter of days.

Around three inches of snow are predicted to land in parts next week, with flakes expected in many parts of the country.

While snow is forecast for the Scottish highlands today, Netweather UK shows the flurries could become more widespread across England and Wales on Monday, March 7.

Snow could hit the UK next week
Snow could hit the UK next week. Picture: Alamy

The areas with the highest probability of snow include parts of Wales and central England.

WX Charts also sees some snow across parts of eastern and southern England on March 7 leading into Tuesday.

According to The Express, a ‘wintry blast’ will arrive in the first week of March, along with more blustery weather.

Senior meteorologist at British Weather Services Jim Dale told the publication: "Very often, March can deliver big winds and it can deliver short-lived snow events. And historically it has done that.

"The first half of March is sometimes on paper some of the snowiest stuff we've seen in any form of Winter. It comes in later rather than sooner, so this is entirely possible."

Jim also predicts two more storms could be on the way - known as Storm Gladys and Storm Hermann - following some extreme weather over the past few weeks.

Storm Franklin caused chaos across the UK earlier this month
Storm Franklin caused chaos across the UK earlier this month. Picture: Alamy

He added: "In terms of big events, we have Storm Gladys finally getting onto the stage and Storm Hermann to follow. Somewhere in early Spring, I'm pretty sure we'll see Gladys and Hermann."

Met Office Chief Meteorologist, Frank Saunders, also warned of very cold weather over the next few days.

He told The Sun: “A cold front, followed by cold arctic Canadian air, has now pushed south across the country and has brought a spell of windy, showery and cold weather.

"Winds pick up again as we head into the weekend with weather fronts bringing rain to the north and west and milder air spreads back in here.”

This comes after Storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin caused chaos in the UK, with power cut off for thousands of people and travel disrupted across the country.