UK weather: Brits to bask in 18C sunshine this week as mini-heatwave continues

19 April 2021, 07:48 | Updated: 19 April 2021, 07:54

The weather is set to hit 18C today
The weather is set to hit 18C today. Picture: PA Images/Getty Images
Heart reporter

By Heart reporter

Temperatures are set to reach 18C today and will stay warm into the weekend.

It looks like summer is fast approaching, as things are set to hot up across the UK this week.

With millions of people enjoying the warmer climates at the weekend, it’s more of the same over the next few days.

The mercury could even reach 18C in the south of England today, before things ease off towards the end of the week.

This would make temperatures are slightly above average for this time of year, with them usually reaching around 12C or 13C.

The weather will stay warm over the coming week
The weather will stay warm over the coming week. Picture: PA Images

A spokesperson for the Met Office told The Mirror: "As we go into Monday, Tuesday and possibly Wednesday we could see temperatures reach 16 to 18C in southern parts of England and Wales.

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"The north is going to be a bit colder. We’ve got cold air coming down the north of the UK on Sunday, with northerly winds picking up through Monday."

Met Office forecaster Sarah Kent added to The Sun: "It looks as though largely dry conditions are going to prevail throughout the week.

"The only day we are likely to see any showers is Wednesday. It's going to be warm with lovely sunshine."

Scotland will see cloudier conditions, with the mercury reaching 13C, while showers will move from the north west towards the south east on Tuesday.

As we head into the weekend, the temperatures will dip slightly, but things should stay dry and sunny for most.

Over the next few weeks, the Met Office's long forecast predicts May will be sunny and warm for most of the country.

The website states: "Mixed weather patterns, typical of spring are most likely through the first half of May.

"Overall, fine and dry weather is expected to be most dominant, with fair-weather cloud and plenty of sunny spells."

This comes after Covid restrictions were lifted in England last week, meaning drinkers can now enjoy a pint in a beer garden.

Hundreds of people flocked to outdoor bars and restaurants across the country for the first time since November.

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