Brother of Israeli soldier taken hostage by Hamas says last seven months have been 'a nightmare'

23 May 2024, 23:21 | Updated: 24 May 2024, 01:30

The brother of an Israeli soldier taken hostage on 7 October - whose frightening capture was recorded for a video released this week - said the last seven months have been "a nightmare for my family".

Amit Levy, the brother of 19-year-old Naama, told Sky's The World With Yalda Hakim that the dialogue in the video "makes [his] stomach hurt".

Ms Levy was one of five female soldiers who were taken by Hamas from their base on the morning of 7 October.

The women worked at the Nahal Oz observation base, monitoring activity on the Gaza border.

At the start of the video, some appear bloodied and injured with all five having their hands tied behind their backs.

In a later part of the video, the female soldiers are hurried out of the building - one is limping and another is carried out.

Their families released the video, which has been edited in places, on Thursday to put pressure on the Israeli government.

Mr Levy said: "Many of the [hostages] can still be saved. That's why we released this video because the world may have forgotten a little bit."

He said their parents did not watch the video for several weeks "because it was too hard".

The family has also not received any proof of life since November when released hostages said Ms Levy was in a condition "which wasn't the best".

Her brother said: "We are trying to stay optimistic, I believe with all of my heart that she's still alive, that she can still be saved. We're optimistic about her being alive."