Northern Ireland: Man arrested in Derry in connection with activities of New IRA after explosive device found

27 September 2021, 09:39 | Updated: 27 September 2021, 12:00

A man has been arrested in connection with activities of the New IRA after an explosive device was found near a young mum's car.

The 21-year-old was arrested by officers from the Police Service of Northern Ireland in Derry last night.

He was taken into custody in relation to the attempted murder of a part-time policewoman.

Police said a "viable explosive device" was discovered near the young mum's car on Ballyquin Road, Dungiven, on 19 April.

The man has been taken to the Serious Crime Suite at Musgrave Police Station for questioning.

A police statement said: "Detectives from the Police Service of Northern lreland's Terrorism Investigation Unit, assisted by District colleagues, have arrested a 21-year-old man in Derry/Londonderry last night, Sunday 26 September, in connection with the activities of the new IRA".

Detective Chief Inspector Andrew Hamlin of the Terrorism Investigation Unit said: "The man has been arrested under the Terrorism Act in connection with the attempted murder of a female member of police staff, who is also a part-time police officer, following the discovery of a viable explosive device beside the young mother's car on the Ballyquin Road, Dungiven on Monday 19th April".

Officers said at the time that a "viable cylinder-type device" had been made safe during a lengthy security operation.

In April, Deputy First Minister Michelle O'Neill described the attack as "shocking and deplorable".

She added: "Those behind this reckless attack have absolutely nothing to offer society and have shown a callous disregard for the entire community.

"They seek to drag our communities backwards, they have no place in our society and should disband."

In 2019, the New IRA detonated a bomb in a car outside Londonderry Courthouse, shot dead journalist Lyra McKee and attempted to kill police officers in booby-trap bomb attacks.