Police chief Abdul Raziq shot dead by own guard in Afghanistan

18 October 2018, 20:26 | Updated: 18 October 2018, 21:45

A police chief was killed after one of his own guards gunned him and officials down in Afghanistan's Kandahar province.

The guard opened fire on provincial police chief Abdul Raziq and several officials at a security conference.

A Taliban spokesman said they had been targeting Washington's NATO forces commander in Afghanistan, General Scott Miller, who escaped without injury.

Kandahar governor Zalmay Wesa and Kandahar spy chief Abdul Momin also died.

General Miller said in a tweet: "Today I lost a great friend LTG Raziq. We had served together for many years. Afghanistan lost a patriot, my condolences to the people of Afghanistan.

"The good he did for Afghanistan and the Afghan people cannot be undone."

Regional army commander Nabi Elham was wounded and is being treated in hospital.

Afghan security forces cordoned off the area as a US military helicopter circled overhead.

A gun battle lasted several hours and it is believed the guard who carried out the shootings was killed.

Mr Raziq was a powerful figure in southern Kandahar and a close US ally despite several allegations of corruption.

He had survived several attempts to kill him, including one last year that resulted in the death of five diplomats from the United Arab Emirates.

Security has been steadily deteriorating in Afghanistan with increasingly audacious attacks launched by insurgents.

Afghanistan's security forces have been on high alert ahead of Saturday's parliamentary election, which the Taliban have vowed to attack because they regard it as illegitimate.

It is feared the attack could derail US efforts to bring them to the table for peace talks.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday a NATO convoy was attacked near the Afghan capital Kabul, killing two civilians and injuring five Czech troops.

The attack, which the Taliban claimed responsibility for, in the district of Bagram in Parwan province, also wounded three Afghan civilians.

Eight US soldiers and three other NATO service members have died in Afghanistan so far this year.