Would you be ready to give one of these four 'lovely' XL bully-type dogs a home?

12 February 2024, 16:15 | Updated: 12 February 2024, 21:34

An animal charity is "urgently" seeking homes for four "lovely" XL bully-type puppies before a ban is introduced in Scotland - adding that the legislation should be "overhauled".

XL bullys are a controversial breed and they are banned in England unless the owner has an exemption certificate following a spate of attacks in recent years.

However, the Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Scottish SPCA) has said one of the pups it is trying to rehome could be someone's "new best friend" and even has the potential to live with cats.

The Scottish SPCA is trying to sell the four puppies before a ban on the dogs in Scotland will make it illegal to do so from 24 February - with the charity admitting the dogs may have to be euthanised if they cannot be rehomed in time.

All the dogs are young and have been microchipped, neutered and given a clean bill of health, with the charity urging prospective owners with a secure garden to consider adopting them.

Two of the dogs, bitches Praline and Duchess, meet the physical conformation standards of an XL bully-type breed.

Male dogs Paddington and Lex are still to be formally assessed, but could be typed as XL bully dogs, the Scottish SPCA said.

Praline, aged around two, was found tied-up and is living in a centre in Lanarkshire, while two-year-old Paddington, living in a centre in Glasgow, has been described as a "cuddly bear".

Duchess, a three-year-old described as being "incredibly sweet", and Lex, a one-year-old crossbreed, are both being cared for in Aberdeen.

The charity has said Lex could be someone's "new best friend" and has the potential to live with cats.

What does the ban enforce?

The Scottish SPCA has said it is "urgently" trying to rehome the dogs as it will be an offence to breed, sell, exchange, gift, advertise, abandon, or allow an XL bully to stray in Scotland when the ban comes in.

They must also be muzzled and on a lead in public, including in a car.

The law will come into force after a U-turn from the Scottish government.

People had until 31 January to apply for an exemption certificate to keep their XL bully - and must have it neutered, microchipped and insured.

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Jennie Macdonald, head of rehoming, fostering and community engagement at the Scottish SPCA, has said it will be illegal for them to sell the dogs after the law comes in.

She said: "We welcome contact from prospective owners with a secure garden who can offer a forever home to these lovely dogs."

Claire Haynes, head of animal behaviour at the Scottish SPCA, has insisted any breed of dog can be "potentially out of control and dangerous in the wrong hands".

She added: "We continue to call for the principle of deed not breed to be applied, and for the outdated Dangerous Dogs legislation to be overhauled."

Sky News has contacted the Scottish government for comment.

The ban will come into force in Scotland weeks after a grandmother in Essex was killed in an attack by two XL bullys.

Esther Martin, 68, was killed at a home in Hillman Avenue, Jaywick, on Saturday 3 February after reportedly trying to break up fighting puppies.