UK weather: What's the forecast for July?

1 July 2024, 01:23 | Updated: 1 July 2024, 03:32

Yet another month comes to an end and it's probably up to each individual to decide whether June was memorable for its dismal wet weather or the recent brief spell of sunshine and high temperatures. 

Was it enough to redeem an alleged summer month after an indubitably soggy start? And what's in store for July?

That's a very good question. From a forecast point of view, it's akin to attempting the 'big' crossword without any clues!

If only there was a huge area of high pressure with the promise of days of settled weather - that would be a good place to start.

To be fair, there is such an area of high pressure, the Azores high.

Unfortunately it's not close enough to us to have a major impact, although it will settle conditions in the South at times. So we can discount that as a driving force on our weather for the time being.

The latest forecast where you are

Of course, we have plenty of information with regard to the short-term forecast.

Currently we're looking at rather changeable conditions with temperatures a little below average for the time of year although the South will be pleasantly warm at times.

The middle of the week will bring some rather wet and windy weather and temperatures will nudge up a little ahead of the weekend.

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Where we do have rain, it's likely to be heaviest in the North and West, especially over the hills.

There's a fairly strong signal for higher pressure through the middle of the month, tentatively between the 10th and 20th, which bodes well for the Wimbledon semi-finals and finals.

And then, just as the kids break up from school, it looks as though conditions become a little more unsettled again!

But at this distance, and given what is expected for July's weather in the meantime, that could easily change. As could the anticipated fine start to August.