Brits to bask in 24C as 'tropical heat' sweeps the UK

8 June 2022, 14:30

Brits could enjoy far warmer temperatures towards the end of the week
Brits could enjoy far warmer temperatures towards the end of the week. Picture: Getty
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By Heart reporter

UK weather forecast: temperatures look set to get much warmer as we get further into June.

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After a *slightly* tumultuous start to June, Brits can now finally get excited about far more seasonal weather.

Temperatures are expected to reach up to 24C in the south towards the end of this week, after some possible heavy rain and gales brought by storm Alex in parts of the country on Thursday.

As reported by the Mirror, Met Office forecaster Darren Bett said: "There is going to be some tropical air heading our way later this week.

"It certainly felt a bit warmer I think on Tuesday with more sunshine around and winds fairly light as well and throughout the rest of the week it is still going to be quite warm, temperatures aren’t going to change an awful lot and there isn’t a great deal of rain in the forecast."

Temperatures could reach up to 24C in the south
Temperatures could reach up to 24C in the south. Picture: Getty

He added: "There are some weather fronts heading our way, most of the rain is probably coming in overnight and through Wednesday on that weather front there and an area of low pressure.

"That band of rain does move away from eastern parts of England but the rain will get stuck really across the central belt of Scotland so a cooler day here on Wednesday. Some cloud, rain, pushing back into Northern Ireland, England and Wales seeing some sunshine and showers.

"Still some heavy ones in eastern parts of England on Wednesday afternoon as the showers become fewer in Wales and the south west. And temperatures getting up to 21C, a little cooler perhaps than Tuesday."

The Met Office is predicting that possible gales could sweep parts of the north on Friday, but Mr Bett has predicted that the worst of the storms could miss the country.