Bank Holiday weather set to be a mix of sun and rain

25 May 2019, 12:27 | Updated: 25 May 2019, 16:24

Rain umbrella
Rain is expected to arrive soon. Picture: Getty

By Beci Wood

It wouldn't be a British bank holiday without a bit of rain and that looks like exactly what we're going to get.

The Met Office have said while it's unikely to be a washout, it will be disappointing after our recent spell of warm, sunny weather.

Saturday will see the best of the weather, staying mostly dry and temperatures set to reach 22C/23C in the South East.

However it's Sunday and Monday when you will need to keep the brolly handy as intermittent showers are expected across the UK with a chance of 'the odd rumble of thunder' according to forecaster Steve Keates.

Sunshine will come and go this Bank Holiday weekend. Picture: Getty

Temperatures are also due to drop to mid-teens.

Mr Keates said: "The bank holiday weekend will be a bit disappointing compared to recent weather but it won’t be a washout.

"The best of the weather is Saturday whereas Sunday and Monday will be a bit more mixed."