Britain To Be Hit By 60mph Winds As Weather Worsens By Friday

2 March 2017, 11:03 | Updated: 2 March 2017, 11:06

Britain To Be Hit By 60mph Winds As Weather Worsen

By Hollie Borland

Last night, Britain's weather was colder than Moscow's but the Met Office has warned that it's going to get worse by the end of the week.

Winds of up to 60mph battered Britain overnight but the Met Office have warned that the weather could be about to get worse by Friday, with snow due to affect parts of the UK. 

Last night, strong gales hit South Wales and south west England, while 40mph winds blasted through the south east. 

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The Met Office are expecting to issue severe weather warnings for heavy rain and freezing showers set to hit the south and central parts of the country on Friday and Saturday. 

The severe wind and arctic temperatures comes just days after Storm Ewan swept through Ireland this week and Storm Doris hitting Britain late last week.

Although a Met Office spokesperson has said that there are no more full-blown storms "on the horizon" at the moment, they did warn that the weather would remain changeable. 

She said: "There’s a little bit of uncertainty, we could see some heavy rain.

"On Friday and Saturday that could turn quite readily to snow."

However, after last night’s gales and bitterly cold temperatures, forecasters said Britain would be in store for a "sparkler" of an afternoon today with sunshine bringing highs of up to 12C.

But the spring-like weather will be short-lived as downpours, frost and snow return by Friday. 

On Tuesday night, parts of Britain were registering colder than Moscow, Russia as temperatures tumbled to -5C.