Heatwave to RETURN with temperatures even hotter than before

30 July 2018, 08:25 | Updated: 30 July 2018, 08:29

Sun heatwave

By Naomi Berners

The sun is predicted to return with a vengeance after some areas of the UK experienced 'wettest day of the year' this weekend.

The heatwave came to an abrupt halt over the weekends, as the weather gods seemingly listened to pleas of 'we want rain' and unleashed epic downpours up and down the country.

(And they decided to throw in some fierce winds and thunderstorms whilst they were at it.)

Credit: PA - lightening strikes hit South Shields on Friday 

But those who were loving the hot weather will be pleased to hear that it's now set to return once more, with temperatures climbing to 30 degrees again this week.

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Steven Keates, senior meteorologist for the Met Office explained: "Summer is not over by any means.

"The weekend was not pleasant for people on summer holidays, but it warms up again later in the week.

"The low 30s is not out of the question at the end of the week. And it could go higher, with forecast models showing the mid-30s after the weekend. Watch this space."

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Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Gaze has predicted that temperatures will reach even higher this time around, revealing: "It feels like we've been fast-forwarded from midsummer to autumn overnight, with gales up to 60mph on Sunday.

"But summer's not done with us yet. The reservoir of heat over Europe is set to return later in the week.

"96.8F (36C) highs, even hotter than the past week, are on the cards ahead."

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Many parts of the UK experienced the wettest day of the year across the weekend, after the recent drought came to an abrupt halt with torrential rain and winds of up to 60mph in some areas.

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