Snow dump to ravage Britain as polar vortex brings high winds and freezing weather

13 November 2019, 12:57

We're set for some heavy snow
We're set for some heavy snow. Picture: PA
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The entire country will be slammed with terrible weather in the run-up to Christmas.

Snow is set to fall in the UK very soon as the weather begins to intensify over the coming weeks.

Arctic winds are set to blast the country as soon as tomorrow as they leave a trail of freezing winter weather behind.

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Snow is set to hit the UK very soon
Snow is set to hit the UK very soon. Picture: PA

The Met Office has warned of cold temperatures that'll soon hit and forecasters across the country are predicting some out of the ordinary weather.

Well-known meteorologist Mika Rantanen tweeted: "Stratospheric polar vortex is currently record-strong for the time of the year.”

Graeme Madge, a spokesperson for the Met Office, told “There will be some snow in the UK this week.

“There will be wintry showers at high elevations, particularly in the mountains of Wales or Scotland.

“There may also be some low levels in people’s gardens in the Cotswolds on Thursday.

“Cold air will come in from the north and go all the way down, while a wintry front will work its way east and create snow.”

A statement on the Met Office’s website added to these claims, saying: “There will be bright spells for most but also some rain or showers.

Hopefully we'll get a white Christmas!
Hopefully we'll get a white Christmas! Picture: PA

“Very strong winds this morning for north Wales and Liverpool Bay.

“Tonight the showers will die out for many areas away from the far north and Irish Sea coastal areas.

“It will be cold with widespread frost in the north and a few fog patches.

“On Thursday, showers in the north will be wintry of the hills throughout.

“For central and southern areas in addition to showers, some heavier rainfall is likely during Thursday.”