Tim Peake Calls His Parents From The International Space Station... But Has To Leave A Message!

Tim Peake

Everyone from pop singers to the royal family are showing their support for the British astronaut who's captured the world's imagination.

"Tim here, sorry you're out!"

When Angela and Nigel Peake saw the answer machine flashing, the last voice they expected was their son's, Tim Peake. 

But nonetheless, Tim, who has recently become the first British man to work and live on the International Space Station, called his parents for a catchup - only to find out they were out! 

"This is your son calling from the International Space Station," the message said. "I'm sorry you're not in."

Angel and Nigel described the message as "surreal" - and we totally understand why! 

From one rocket man to another...

Amongst all the amazing well wishes and votes of support the Rocket Man himself has received, there have been a couple of extra special messages of good luck...

The tweet follows an earlier message from Sir Elton John which Tim accidentally missed.

Ahh well, we don't blame him for missing a tweet or two when he's hundreds of miles away from Earth on the International Space Station!

In a galaxy far, far away... Well, sort of!

No-one but NO-ONE will have better front row seats to watch The Force Awakens than British astronaut Tim Peake.

The 43-year-old wasn't too concerned that he'll be missing the release of the epic intergalactic adventure when he's launched into space on Tuesday… because it turns out he'll be watching it from THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION.

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We can't think of a better place to watch it.

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