When will the new Tier rules be introduced in England?

26 November 2020, 11:38 | Updated: 26 November 2020, 12:34

When will the tier system be introduced in England?
When will the Tier system be introduced in England? Picture: PA
Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

What date will the new tiers come in in December? The new tier system explained.

Today (26 November), the government announced the areas that will fall under each Tier when the current lockdown ends next week.

London and Liverpool will be among the areas in Tier 2, while Greater Manchester, Slough and Newcastle will be in Tier 3.

Only three areas - Isle of Wight, Cornwall, and the Isles of Scilly - will be in Tier 1.

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When will the new tier system be introduced?

The new rules will come into force next Wednesday (2 December).

The new Tier system will be introduced next week
The new Tier system will be introduced next week. Picture: PA

What do the new tiers mean?

Unlike in the previous system, the following businesses will be allowed to remain open in all tiers.

- Non-essential shops

- Gyms

- Leisure centres

- Swimming pools

- Sports pitches

- Hairdressers

- Beauty salons,

- Places of worship

However, there will be some differences in rules for things like hospitality, socialising and travel under each tier. 

As reported by the Telegraph, here is what the new tier system will look like.

Tier 1 - Medium Alert Level

There will be a slight relaxation to the 10pm curfew rule in tier 1, with pubs and restaurants allowed to remain open until 11pm. However, last orders will need to take place at 10pm or before.

This curfew will also apply to places like casinos, cinemas, theatres, concert halls, museums, and bowling alleys.

Cinemas, theatres and concert halls will be allowed to remain open beyond 11pm to finish performances that start before 10pm.

The 'Rule of Six' will apply, with up to six people from different households allowed to meet both indoors and outdoors.

People in tier 1 should continue to work from home where possible.

Outdoor spectator sport will be allowed to resume both indoors and outdoors, subject to social distancing and a limit on the amount of people attending.

Tier 2 - High Alert Level

The 11pm curfew - with 10pm last orders - for pubs and restaurants will also apply in tier 2

However, pubs will only be allowed to remain open if they serve 'substantial food'. Pubs and bars that don't serve food will be asked to close.

Two or more households will not be able to mix indoors, but the 'Rule of Six' outdoors will apply outdoors.

Hospitality businesses serving food will be allowed to serve takeaway after 10pm.

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Spectator sports will be allowed to resume, both indoors and outdoors, again subject to social distancing and limited numbers of attendees.

People should limit the amount of travelling they do where possible.

The new Tiers will come into force next Wednesday
The new Tiers will come into force next Wednesday. Picture: PA

Tier 3 - Very High Alert Level

In tier three, pubs and restaurants will be allowed to remain open for takeaway service only.

Households will also be banned from mixing indoors, but the rule of six will apply in some outdoor spaces.

Cinemas will have to close, along with theatres, casinos, bingo halls and skating rinks.

People will be allowed to take part in amateur outdoor sport, such as tennis and amateur team sport, such as football.

Organised indoor sport will not be allowed, except in areas such as indoor disability sport, educational sport, and supervised sport and physical activity for under-18s.

People should avoid travelling in and out of tier 3 areas, except for things like work, education, and care services.


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