World Kazoo Record 2014 Video & Photos

We Have A New World Record!

On Make Some Noise Day, Thursday 9th October 2014, exactly 1475 students and teachers at Hellesdon High School went to school and set a new world record at lunchtime. They piled into the school hall – in an orderly fashion, no running - and played Pharrell Williams’s Happy ……….on kazoos!
The noise was absolutely amazing! It sounded like a manic bee swarm. Noel Vine from Heart Drive-Time conducted everyone and the Heart Angels were there too. 

Subject to verification we believe we have a world record for The Most Number Of People Playing The Song Happy By Pharrell Williams On The Kazoo At The Same Time. A big thanks to Hellesdon High School for this and good luck with your non-school uniform day for our Appeal too…..chance to dress loud we reckon and raise lots of money.