Well done messages...

Here's your chance to tell us what Race for Life 2010 was like for you. Share your memories or say well done to someone who took part. Simply use the form at the bottom of the page.

Hollie, Megan

Well done Hollie Bilham, Megan Collingsworth and her mum and sis and all of the collingsworth family.and ME!:) we all had a  great time and done it in a great time well done girls!

Angie Raines

I've just raced for life with 2 of my daughters and a grandaughter in memory of my mum who developed bowel cancer but with treatment survived another 11 years, finally succumbing when it spread through her body in 1994. Also for me, I had part of my lung removed in December so really pleased to have walked 5k in 45 mins. Hopefully we will eventually find a preventative or cure for this dreadful disease.

Poppy and Becky

Well done to my sister poppy and my mum becky welll done for doing race for life with me xxxx.

Sylvia and Helen Bell

I ran this year in the race for life 10km for the first time for my aunt joyce who has breast cancer and my cousin Graham who sadly passed away 3 years ago in october. What a well worthy cause this is for, and all the ladies enjoyed the day. Well done to all the ladies who took part. It was a very emotional day and a big thank you to heart fm and the nivea boys who did a fantastic job in keeping our spirits up. Also a big thank you to the marshalls around the course who clapped and cheered us all on when the going got tough. Thanks also to Helen Bell who ran the race with me.


Well done Jessica, First time you have done it bout i know it won't be the last, and i will be with running with you next year.  I found it a really emotional experience just being there looking at all the names on the girls backs - who they were running in memory of.


Julie Green

I walked the race for life with my 4 yr old daughter and 10 friends, 5 of which were 4 or younger. We did it because in 2006 my uncle lost his battle to cancer, and has left a big gap in our family. I also lost my nan to breast cancer that spread through her whole body in 1994 and my Grandad to cancer in 1976, he was taken from me when i was 2, so I never got a chance to really know him. We will definately do it next year it was great fun and made you feel you were doing something to beat the big C.

Chloe Lincoln (age 7)

A big well done for completing again this year. this is the 3rd year she has ran and had me running too! I know daddy and connor are proud of you too.
Love mummyxxx


I want to say a big well done to my little tinker Lucie who completed her first Race for Life this year in memory of our grandad. You did amazing and he would be so proud of you. Its an amazing day and we will continue to Race for Life and raise money for this very important cause. Well done Lucie Xx


Well done to LSA's from Sprowston High School


Well done to Tinksy who completed this years race in a quicker time and raised even more money than last year.

Helen Kelly

We had a great time on our first "Race for Life".  We will definitely be there next year!  Perhaps we will even manage the 10k?  Helen, Juliette and Liz

Kayleigh and Billie

Well done Kayleigh and Billie who raced this year for Kayleigh's nan and Billies nanny Shirlee, she is still fighting and living life to the full. Your are all a good example to everyone.
Love Mum,Mark and Jack xxx

Jessica and Jade

I wanna say a massive well done to myself and Jade for doing the Race for Life yesterday. We walked 4km and jogged the last 1km. It was an amazing atmosphere and I am doing it again next year.. can't wait :) xxx

Elle, Jens, Sharon and more...

Want to say well done to Elle who was doing Race For Life for her grandad and uncle both have passed away in the last 6 months, her auntie Sharon and family, Kirsty, Amy, thinking of Nickie who is yet to do her race. This was my first year doing Race For Life and it is overwhelming in every sense of the word, I did it on my own part jogged, part walked due to a heart condition in memory of my gran Iris who overcame breast cancer and for my brother in law Jamie who is gradually losing his battle with brain cancer and to all those affected by cancer, well done to all who took part, and thanks to my family and friends for your support and sponsorship I couldn't have done it without you all xx


Took part in the 10k race this year with my sister Lyn Burton and friend Charlotte Delph, well done girls for a great race. I was running once again in memory of Rachel Louise Cowap who sadly passed away a few days after her 15 birthday on 20th November 2003. It was such an amazing day, the atmosphere was brilliant, loved the new 10k course.  Can't wait to do it again next year.

Sue Driver

I lost my mum in 1989 to breast cancer she was only 43 - I am 43 now and this is my first race for life.  I also lost my dad to bladder cancer in 2001 - my nan is fighting bowel/lung cancer right now and my Auntie is a survivor of breast cancer - This race for life is for them and everyone else touched by cancer.
PS well done everyone on race for life 2010
Sue Driver x

Kerri Escott

I completed my first RFL this year and i will definately be doing it again, i did it for my best friend dena who if fighting liver cancer who inspires me so much well done to everyone who took part... see u all next year xx

Wendy Connell

I took part for the 4th time in Race for Life on Saturday afternoon in memory of my mum Jean who sadly lost her fight against mouth cancer on 10th April 2010. I miss her greatly and will never forget the suffering she went through. She was a very brave lady who sadly never really recovered from the radiotherapy treatment. I am grateful for all the medical help and support mum received and will always cherish the many happy memories we have of mum, long before this disease claimed her.

Mollie, Alison....

Well done Mollie, Alison and especially buddy the dog Narayn you are amazing and insperational for running this race and have made me decide to do it next year for my grandma.
Love you lots. A very Big hug and kisses Becky xxx

Trina and Hannah

Well done to us for the 5th year. We hugged, cried, laughed, jogged & walked. Proud to race.

Karle Parnell

Well done to Diane, Lisa, carol, Erica myself and everyone else who took part in the race for life and big thanks to all husbands, dads, grandads and brothers for the support on the side lines. it's wonderful to see so many faces supporting such a good cause.

Kerry Buxton

Took part in 10k 2010 for my nanny I lost January 18th 2010 suddenly to cancer was told she had stomach ache so never got to say goodbye.

Zoe & Lily Burton

Well done to my wife and little princess who took part in RFL this afternoon, in memory of both my in-laws.  Even though we live in Cambridge, Norwich is a special place as June & Arthur were both NCFC supporters!
You both did great!

Diane Walters

Well done to Karle, Lisa, Carol, Erica and myself for completing the race for life. Great best times for all of us. My daughter Erica and my self done it for our neightbour who sadly lost her battle. Karle ran for Dee who is fighting so very hard and winning, you go girl


I have done race for life today with my mum, daughter, nieces and sister in law. I have cried and I have laughed today.  We did this for my Aunt who we lost last year and for all those who have beaten this horrible disease. Please never stop fighting.xxxxx

Costessey High School

To everyone from Costessey High School who took part- well done ladies! Did see some of you run and hope everyone had a brilliant day. You done our school proud! :) x Also, well done Auntie Trina for our fifth year of running! xxx
Hannah B


I've just got back from the showground having done the race, its my third time of taking part, i run the race simply to raise money for such a dreadful invasive disease, maybe one day the fight to prevent the disease will be won!


I would like to say a big well done to my sister Amanda, my daughter Hollie and my best friend Wendy you both done really well and thanx Wendy for keeping me doing it. First run done many more Race for lifes to come

Sandra and Kirsty

Hi i want to say a big well done to my mum Sandra and my sister Kirsty for running race for life 1/5/10 they done us all proud, i would love to be able to take part in it but due to medical reasons im unable to :( i just want to say that Grandad Roy, Nanny Sheila and Grandad Stanley will all be very proud of you both... :D a gorgeous day yesterday xx
Love kim xx


Just wanna say well done to all the ladies that took part in saturday's 10k race for life, this is what i done too & although am suffering with achy body today it was well worth it and i will be there again next year xxx

Lauren Blanch

i did race for life in memory of my grandad, who sadly died of cancer November this year, Brian Blanch was a true inspiration, and someone who i will always look up to, he would always help anyone he could and had a heart of pure gold, i love you grandad and i will miss and love you forever, your forever in my heart. 
Lauren,  xxxxxxx

St Williams Angels

Well done to all of St Williams angels xx

Ellie and Milly

Well done Ellie Wilson and Milly Derrick (aged 6 & 5) who completed their first Race for Life (without having to be carried)!. A special well done to Ellie who raised £1,200+ in memory of her aunty Katy who sadly lost her battle against breast cancer on 1.4.2010.  Aunty Katy would be proud of you Ellie and so are we. Lots of love mummy & daddy x x x


Just Wanna say Well Done to my mum and 2sisters for running today in the Race for life also a big Well Done to everyone who ran this weekend. Was fun and hard at the same time as We lost our grandad aged 63 last year to Cancer. I know you were watching down on us today Grandad. x


Well done to all my friends & family who took part in the R4L this weekend.  We all such a great day yesterday and will definitley do it again next year! And also a big thank you to everyone that has sponsored me, it really means so much xxxx

Yvonne and Paul Pritchard

Well done to kirsty who ran her first race for life yesterday she did it in just over 38 mins which was fantastic we are so proud of her. We have lost a lot of family and friends to cancer and know many who have had treatment and survived thanks to events like these raising lots of money. well done to everyone who took part and those still to do it, and all the volunteers without whom this would not have been able to take place. Love Paul and Yvonne Pritchard x

Karen, Rachel and Kayleigh

I completed the race for life yesterday with my daughter Rachel a daughter in law Kayleigh, it was our first time, we did it it memory of my grandad and a very close friend jackie, well done to all who took part on saturday afternoon,hope to do it again next year.


Me and my mum took part in race for life this year for the first time , racing for my nanny who is currently fighting skin cancer, it was really emoctional and the atmosphere was just amazing, we will defiantely be doing it again next year and might even try the 10k in october :L x


Well done to all who ran in memory of my Beautiful niece Ria Helsdon


Well done to my Mum (Rosie Vincent), and my aunties Linda Walden and Winnie Nurse for completing the Race for Life!

Jody McElroy

I ran the Race for Life yesterday for the fourth year.  I lost my Mum to Ovarian Cancer 2 years ago.  It was such an amazing day, the atmosphere was brilliant.  Good Luck to Yvette, Lisa and Jayne taking part today x


I ran race for life for my Nanny who has had bladder cancer atleast 5 times in the past two years.My little cousin (9) who has just beat leukemia and got the all clear thursday. My aunt who had breast cancer. My other aunt who is still fighting. I also ran for my friends mum who sadly lost the battle to cancer last year. It was an amazing day, especially when my little cousin met me at the finishing line. we have a collection of lovely photos from the day. A day to remember!! See you in 2011 x x x


I wanna say a big well done to my mum and sister for doing race for life :D this year in memory of our nanny and grandads they would all be so proud of you both, all of the women and children that took place did fab and should all be proud of themselves.
Love Kimxx

Katherine Bonfield

Just completed my first ever race for life & i have to say it was an amazing, touching & emotional experience. I walked in loving memory of my Grandad who sadly passed this year (19.1.10) & for all my friends who have, are or know some one that has suffered. Well done to all the ladies there today & good luck to all those still to complete it this year. I will continue to "race for life" every year that i can...see you all next year! x kb x