100 Posts to go at Police

3 November 2010, 11:24 | Updated: 3 November 2010, 13:48

Norfolk and Suffolk Police Authorities have approved plans to merge the majority of police backroom jobs, resulting in savings of at least £9.8million.

The forces have told Heart that more than 100 posts will be going over the course of the next four years.

The decisions are a step towards creating shared support for both forces. They also support the Government's plan to encourage more collaboration across the police service. 

Eleven different departments will merge, including Media and Communications, Estates and Facilities, Finance and Insurance and ICT. 

They hope that it will mean front line policing won't be affected by the changes.

Charlie Hall, Assistant Chief Constable for Collaboration said: 'Our priority is to redesign our support functions so that they can support both our individual frontline services and collaborated teams more efficiently, ensuring we can deliver the best possible service to our communities.'

It is thought that were will be some job losses that come with this collaboration, Mr Hill also added: 'We acknowledge the fact that, while there will be efficiency increases, it is inevitable that some jobs will be lost. We are committed to managing this as sensitively as possible through regular communication and engagement opportunities with staff.' 

Stephen Bett, Chairman of Norfolk Police Authority said: 'Given the tough financial constraints we face, we will closely monitor the process to ensure the new collaborative departments deliver support services that are both effective and efficient.'

Chairman of Suffolk Police Authority Colin Spence said: 'Members and officers of Suffolk Police Authority have had extensive involvement in the Business Support Review process over the last year.'