9 Children To Take Part In Suffolk's Baton Relay

4 June 2014, 08:09 | Updated: 4 June 2014, 08:33

Nine Suffolk school children have been chosen to run alongside the Queen's Baton as it comes to the county next Monday, ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

The youngsters, ranging from five to 11 years old, were selected after their schools were chosen at random from over 100 that entered a competition.

The children will each run with Suffolk's penultimate Batonbearer, Ipswich fitness enthusiast Ken Webb, as he brings the Baton into and around Christchurch Park in front of thousands of people.

The nine children are listed below, with comments of why they have been chosen.

All Saints CEVA Laxfield Primary School

1.    Poric Niekirk, aged 9. Poric was chosen because he runs with Fram Flyers and has encouraged others to join him.

2.    Freya Flack, aged 8. Freya was selected because she always works hard and would love to be part of such a big celebration event.

3.    Arlo Payne, aged 7. Arlo was picked because he is committed to sports and it is his dream to run with the Baton

St Mary's RC Primary School, Lowestoft

4.    George Norman, aged 10. George was chosen because he has overcome his visual impairment to play for his local rugby club and has represented the school at tag rugby tournaments.

5.    Freya McCurdy-Kenny, aged 11. Freya was selected because she's a sports all-rounder and has represented the school in many tournaments.

6.    Mark Matthews, aged 10. Mark was picked for his enthusiasm for sport and his determination to overcome the challenges presented by his transplant four years ago.

Easton Primary School

7.    Bea Robinson, aged 11. Bea was chosen for her superb attitude towards learning in school and excellent participation in school sports competitions including netball and swimming.

8.    Daniel Bailey, aged 9. Daniel was selected for his courage and determination when going through a serious operation when he was in year 1 - and overcoming challenges to enable him to thrive at school.

9.    Etty Hayward, age 5. Etty was picked for overcoming her fears when participating in a school sports partnership gymnastics competition. Despite it being the first time she had performed in front of others, she overcame her nerves and did an excellent job.

Speaking ahead of the big day, Etty said: "I am a bit nervous but I'm excited about meeting famous people."

Bea added: "I feel honoured to be part of this event and I'm looking forward to meeting the Olympians and Paralympians."

Daniel said: "I'm really excited about it as it's such a surprise. I also really like running!" Freya added: "I am extremely excited to be chosen - it will be amazing."

Adam Baker, Suffolk County Council's Queen's Baton Relay programme manager, said: "These lucky children are going to have one of the most powerful and memorable experiences of their lives - playing a key part in a major public celebration in their home county.

"But of course, the Queen's Baton is going to make an impact on many more people, of all ages. Whether they're attending one of this weekend's specially-organised events or coming to see the Baton when it arrives next Monday, everyone is going to be touched by this spectacle."

Three children from the East Anglia Children's Hospice (EACH) will also join Ken Webb as he brings the Baton into Christchurch Park.