A11: Work To Start In 2013

Elizabeth Truss MP for South West Norfolk today received confirmation of the start of the work to dual the A11.

In a letter to Elizabeth, the Department for Transport Minister Mike Penning said work will start in 2013 Jan-March time. 

Since May 2010 Elizabeth, supported by Matthew Hancock MP for West Suffolk and the other Norfolk MPs, lobbied heavily for the final section of dualling on the A11 to be completed. The government in the Autumn budget of 2010 confirmed that money would be allocated to this scheme. 

Elizabeth said on receiving the letter: "This is very good news and illustrates the government's commitment to infrastructure projects which promote growth and employment.  The time frame for the construction has been brought forward and some preparatory work has already commenced around the Elveden Estate. I know residents and businesses from across the region will be very pleased by this announcement." 

A copy of the letter which was sent to Elizabeth Truss:

A11 Letter

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