Bids Go in for Large New Casino

19 May 2011, 06:12 | Updated: 19 May 2011, 06:20

Two bids have been made to build a large new casino in Great Yarmouth.

The application deadline was on May 17 and two companies have put the paperwork in to try and win the license. 

Great Yarmouth is one of the places in the country that have been picked to have one of the new casinos.

The two applications have been received from:

  • Palatial Leisure Limited for premises at Palace Casino, The Great Yarmouth Palace, Church Plain, Great Yarmouth
  • Pleasure and Leisure Property Corporation plc for proposed premises at land south of the Pleasure Beach, South Beach Parade, Great Yarmouth.

The two applications will now be assessed over the next couple of months to check they are suitable, and then both groups will get the chance to make a case about why their bid will bring the most benefit to the town.

Following the assessment, one licence will then be granted to the successful applicant in either December 2011 or January 2012.