Broads Become A Potential Health Hazard

One of our biggest tourist attractions has become a potential health hazard because of the warm weather.

The Norfolk Broads has been covered in a blue-green algae which can cause stomach upsets, rashes and eye irritation and can harm pets too if contact is made with the water.

Ranworth, Malthouse, Barton and Hickling Broads are the most dramatically affected and some waterways in Suffolk have also been affected.

Andrea Kelly from the Broads Authority told Heart it shouldn't stick around for too long. In recent years, the algae's appeared when there's been hot weather, but as soon as the temperature drops or it rains for a few days, the algae will soon start to disappear.

She told us that people should keep their pet dogs out of the water and not let them drink in the areas where the water's green. She also said that contact with the water should be kept to a minimum and people should not swim in the Broads. If people could also watch what they're washing up and showering with on their boats, then this can reduce the amount of toxins that go into the water.