Changes To Divorce Procedures

7 April 2011, 05:00

Heart's being told a new change on divorce law should help couples as well as their families.

From now on anyone getting a divorce must go to a meeting to find out about mediation, which is where you sit down with someone impartial and talk about things like custody and anything to do money.

It isn't compulsory to go through the process of mediation but you do now have to get the information about it.

Patricia Brody is a family mediator from BBL family law and mediation in Norwich and told Heart that mediation is not only a cheaper option but it can also help families with children:

"Although the relationship's broken down between husband and wife, in many cases they still have to have a relationship as parents to their children, and obviously sitting down with a couple and trying to resolve things amicably can be a real benefit."

She thinks the change is a good idea: "I think it's an increased awareness, it is a voluntary process and if people don't want to mediate they don't have to, but I think in terms of giving clients options as to processes that are available to them, that can only be a good thing."

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