Children Aren't Getting Enough Exercise

Heart's been learning how our children are only getting half an hour exercise a day according to a new report...

Today is start of National Childhood Obesity Week and with the Summer Holidays coming up, NHS Norfolk are putting on a campaign to try and get children and their families active and eating more healthily.

It's called "The Really Big Summer Adventure," and begins this month in association with Change4 Life.

 Special packs have been sent out to schools across the country to get pupils in years 3, 4 and 5 geared up for the challenge. But community groups are being urged to get involved too by arranging activities for the summer holidays, and there are plenty of free Change4Life materials on offer to help.

 Alex Lynch, NHS Norfolk's Change4Life Coordinator, said: “The school summer holidays are the perfect time for children and their families to take part in activities together.

 "We are appealing to community groups – such as children’s centres, sports groups or child minders - to make the holidays more active for families. Change4Life has loads of great materials that can help with any events you organise." 

 Resources include a "60 active minutes" poster and a spinning “fun wheel” which demonstrate the different ways that children can get their 60 active minutes a day.

 There's a wipeable "Really Big Summer Adventure" poster which is useful for those who are organising more than one Change4Life event, plus a ”Top Tips for Top Kids” booklet outlining all of the recommended Change4Life behaviours.

 Change4Life support materials are free and can be ordered from the Department of Health Orderline at or by calling 0300 123 3434. The Really Big Summer Adventure resources will be available from early July.

 Alternatively they can be downloaded from the Change4Life website at: